General Fireproofing Company (GF)

An American leader in times gone by, General Fireproofing Company (GF) led by innovating and constantly keeping up with changes.

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The General Fireproofing Company (GF) of Youngstown Ohio. Original image found on Flickr All rights are reserved by the photographer.

General Fireproofing Company (GF) opened in 1902 as a manufacturer of fireproof building products. Just five years later, when the Panic of 1907, brought all building to a halt, the company changed focus to office furniture. With the introduction of the first production four-drawer steel vertical file, the company had become a leader in the metal office furniture industry. Throughout its long history, GF innovated and accomplished a number of firsts in office furniture, including this painted wood finish (pictured below). The company discontinued most of its product lines by the 1970′s and declared bankruptcy in 1989, leaving behind this beautiful Ohio building (above) and these relics from the 20′s (below). Oh, what the professionals who worked on these must of gone through.

Vintage General Fireproofing Company Partners’ Desk

These RARE 1920s steel desks featured a painted wood finish to ease the public’s hesitation with newly introduced transition metal office furniture. Also check out some of our vintage office accessories to go with these desks.

1920s Partners Desk, General Fireproofing Company

General Fireproofing Company Partners' Desk

GF Executive Desk (RARE)

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GF building. Image found on Flickr: All rights reserved by the photographer

These gorgeous photos of the General Fireproofing Company (GF) of Youngstown Ohio were found on Flickr. View the full General Fireproofing stream. We love the juxtapose of new life and what once was.

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